Event:International Lisp Conference:2002

Event:International Lisp Conference:2002

October 27th: Tutorials

Remedial Lisp

Kent M. Pitmap


Marco Antoniotti

Advanced Lisp Techniques

Earnst Van Waning

An In-Depth Look at Simple Streams

Duane Rettig

Knowledge Base Techniques in a Web Application

David J. Cooper Jr.

Autonomous Agent Systems

Nancy Reed

Common SQL

Nick Levine

Buildind Bots with AIML

Richard Wallace

October 28th: LISP & Functional Languages

The History of Lisp Standardization during 1984-1990

Masayuki Ida

Memory Managemt Strategies Pioneered in Lisp Systems, or else 'I Forget ...

Jon L. White

Memory Management, Virtual Machine Architecture and Evaluation in newLISP

Lutz Mueller

Return Barrier - Incremental Stack Scanning for Snapshot Real-time Garbage Collection

Taiichi Yuasa

Preuves, Programmes et Systemes

Emmanuel Chailloux

Generation of Efficient Virtual Machine

Ken Wakita

Representing the Types of Polyadic Functions

Mark Tarver

ConS/Lisp: A MOP-Based Non-Deterministic Lisp

Matthias M. Holzl

MOP3: Memory Organization Package on Meta Object Protocol

Seiji Koide

Translating Lisp into Java

Antonio M. Leito

A Clos Implementation of the JUnit Testing Framework Architecture

Sandro Pedrazzini

Plotting and Scheming the Ubiquitous LISP

Andre van Meulebrouck

Keynote: Model Based Computing

Daniel Bobrow

Programming with Energy

Christian Queinnec

Talking about Lisp

Richard Stallman

Multi-threaded Lisp: Challenges and Solutions

Roger Corman

Scheme FairThreads

Manuel Serrano

Abstraction: Design for Evolution

John C. Mallery

Making a Living with Langugaes

Howard Stearns

Future of Lisp Meeting

October 29th: LISP & The World Wide Web

Embeddable Common Lisp

Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll

Gsharp, an Extensible Interactive Score Editor

Robert Strandh

Lightweight Solutions for User Interfaces Over the WWW

Sunil Mishra

Automatic Web Application Generation

Marc Battyani

Building a Recommendation Engine for a Personalized Webpad Browser

Jans Aasman

The HotDispatch Web Site, a Lisp Success Story

Stephen L. Hain

A Free Implementation of CLIM

Tim Moore

A Persistent Web Application for Distribution of Weather Information in Scheme

Mario Latendresse

XML, XPath, XSLT implementations as SXML, SXPath, and SXSLT

Oleg Kiselov

CLiki: Collaborative Content Management for Community Web Sites

Daniel Barlow

Active Lisp Pages

Andres Rodriguez

Keynote: Large-Scale Web Services, and the Programming Languages that Build Them

Peter Norvig

Intelligent Agents on the Web and in the Ether

Tim Finin

ITA Software and Orbitz: Lisp in the Online Travel World

Rodney Daughtrey

Sharpening the Parentheses: Bringing Lisp Ideas to Programming the Web

Henry Lieberman

Next-Generation P2P, Grid and Post-Grid Computing in Lisp

Hideto Tomabechi

Social Issues in Lisp

Kent M. Pitman

October 30th: ROBOTICS & AI

Handling real world complexity: The self adaptive software approach

Paul Roberston

Distributed Object Reflection

Carolyn Talcott

The Anatomy of A.L.I.C.E.

Richard Wallace

The Loebner Prize

Hugh Loebner

The Latest Happenings in Bots and Intelligent Agents

Marcus P. Zillman

Visualizing Bot Engines on the Internet and Devices

Adi Sideman

Gluing Things Together - Scheme in the Real-time CG Content Production

Shiro Kawai

Input Recognition in Voice Control Interfaces to Autonomous Agents

Vladimir Kulyukin

Embeddable Common Lisp & Lisp.NET

Guiseppe Attardi

LISP and Lego MindStorms: Perfect Together?

Frank Klassner

James Bond Meets RoboCop

Daniel Polani

Keynote: The Road Not Taken:

Richard Gabriel

Learning and Playing with Interactive Characters

Barbara Hayes-Roth

Lisp and Common Sense: Are They Allies or Adversaries?

Doug Lenat

World Modeling and Coordination for Multi-Robot Systems

Manuela Veloso

Infomaster: An Information Integration System Written in Lisp

Michael Genesereth

Building Survivable Information Systems

Howard Shrobe


Symbolics Q&A

David K. Schmidt

Precisely Universally Conserved Amino Acid Residues

Richard Greenblatt

Bioinformatics.Org and Bioinformatics: Past, Present and Future

Marc Luo

Symbolic Computing in the Age of Biological Knowledge

Jeff Shrager

Computing for high-throughput biology in Lisp

Imran Shah

Common Lisp for Web-based Bioinformatics Applications

Alberto Riva

Keynote :Challenges for Knowledge Management in BHomedical Informatics:

Russ Altman

Common Lisp Tools for Bioinformatics Software and Databases

Peter Karp

Two Bioinformatics Applications of Common Lisp

Marco Anotoniotti

Lisp - Ideal for Drawing Trees

Harold Cohen


A Web Browser in Common Lisp

Gilbert Baumann

Multi-method Dispatch and Prototypes, and the Slate Programming Language

Brian Rice


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