Event:International Lisp Conference:2010

Event:International Lisp Conference:2010

Tuesday, October 19

ILC tutorial: Introduction to Common Lisp Programming, part 1

Ernst van Waning

SPLASH keynote: The Case for Evolvable Software

Stephanie Forrest

ILC invited speaker: Building a Mind for Life

Lawrence Hunter

ILC invited speaker: AllegroGraph and the Linked Open Data Cloud

Jans Aasman

Extending Dylan's Type System for Better Type Inference and Error Detection

Hannes Mehnert

Validating Low-Level Instructions for Fixnums using BDDs

Shingo Yuasa and Masahiro Yasugi

LP/Lisp: Literate Programming for Lisp

Roy Turner

ASDF 2: Evolving an API to Improve Social Interactions

Francois-Rene Rideau and Robert Goldman

Wednesday, October 20

ILC tutorial: Introduction to Common Lisp Programming, part 2

Ernst van Waning

ILC tutorial: Introduction to AllegroGraph

David Margolies

SPLASH keynote:Art, Science, and Fear

Benjamin C. Pierce

ILC invited speaker:Gambit Scheme: Inside Out

Marc Feeley

ILC invited speaker:Common Lisp Standardization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Peter Seibel

Starvation-free Heap Size for Replication-Based Incremental Compacting Garbage Collection"

Tomoharu Ugawa, Hideya Iwasaki, and Taiichi Yuasa

ALU meeting

Thursday, October 21

ILC tutorial: Introduction to Common Lisp Programming, part 3

Ernst van Waning

SPLASH keynote: Searching Without Objectives

Kenneth Stanley

ILC Invited speaker: Lisp for Breakthrough Products

Lowell Hawkinson

ILC Invited speaker and SPLASH keynote: F#: Taking Succinct, Efficient, Typed Functional Programming into the Mainstream (SPLASH)

Don Syme

CLon, the Command-Line Option Nuker

Didier Verna

Managing Continuations for Proper Tail Recursion

Masahiro Yasugi, Tsuneyasu Komiya, Tasuku Hiraishi and Seiji Umatani

Lightning talks

NST: A unit testing system for Common Lisp

John Maraist


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